Our Mission: Worship, Grow, Serve & Multiply

Russ Siders

For over 25 years, it has been my privilege to be a part of Sunrise Community Church, and there is a reason that I have been here so long. Sunrise is more than a group of people who worship the risen Lord in English and in Spanish.  Sunrise is more than a group of people who reflect the wide variety of ethnicities in our community. Sunrise is more than a cross-section of different generations. Sunrise is a community of people who are experiencing the love of Jesus and learning how to share that love with others. Over the years, I have developed deep and lasting relationships with so many people at Sunrise. At the same time, I love meeting new people and the process of growing closer to them.  And I continually marvel at how this community embraces and welcomes whoever comes into our midst.  There is always room for more at Sunrise.  There is room for you.  

When Jesus’ disciples were confronted with feeding a hungry crowd of over 5000 people, Jesus asked them a simple question, “What do you have?” They didn’t have much, just five little loaves of bread and two fish, an ordinary lunch. But when they gave that ordinary lunch to Jesus, he was able to bless it, multiply it, and feed the entire crowd, with leftovers to spare!  

At Sunrise, you will find that we are just ordinary people. But as we bring to Jesus our ordinary hopes and dreams, our frustrations and our failures, He makes something extraordinary out of it. Our vision is to be a church that gives away our ordinary lives so that Jesus can bring life, love, forgiveness and healing to many.  

I am grateful everyday for the incredible journey of following Jesus. It’s not always easy, but there is so much beauty that has come out of the challenges and struggles of faith. I want that experience for every person I meet.  If I can point you to Jesus’ love in any way, I am here to do what I can, with my “ordinary lunch.” 

I hope you’ll enjoy browsing our website and learning more about our ministry!