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The Weekly News


The Lord’s Supper 

This Sunday at 9:30AM, we invite you to join us as we praise our God and connect with each other in worship. We continue with our message series on the Gospel of Mark, focusing on Mark chapters 7 & 8, which you can read in advance by clicking on the link. We will also be sharing in the Lord’s Supper.  This is a highly significant opportunity to give thanks for Jesus’ death on our behalf.  We encourage you to prepare for this holy meal by taking time to confess your sins and failures before the Lord and thanking Him for His gift of forgiveness.  


Faith Principles Class 

At Sunrise we want you to grow in a personal and real faith with the Living God. Our Faith Principles class is a great opportunity to learn about the basic principles of the Christian faith through an incredible tool called the Heidelberg Catechism. Whether you are new to following Jesus or have been on the journey for a long time, this group will provide you with rich spiritual nourishment from God’s Word. Come on Sundays at 8:30 AM in the Serve room and check it out!  


Wednesday Night Schedule

On Wednesday, February 21 at 6 PM, we resume our mid-week activities and study groups on the Sunrise campus. We provide Bible study groups for men and women, in English and Spanish, as well as SHinE for elementary students, and Transformed, for jr. high students. You are welcome to join us as we grow “In Christ Together.”


Church Center Mobile App

Available for download on your iOS or Android device, this application facilitates your connection with our community at Sunrise and keeps you informed. In addition to helping you give online, with this app, you can:

  • Discover new friends and easily recall names and faces through our private digital directory.
  • Access your volunteer schedules and respond to requests, all in one convenient location.
  • Engage in the Prayer Group and participate in discussions with your community’s Women’s and Men’s groups, among other features.
  • Facilitate your small group communication.

To download the App, scan the QR code from one of our displays in the lobby or the information table. For more questions, see one of our staff members.


Bible Reading Schedule

The Bible tells us that God is constantly inviting us to come and partake of His unconditional love and grace. Discover these gifts as you read His word daily. To embark on this journey, simply click on the next link: Bible Reading Plan created by Miguel Cruz – 02-18 to 04-10-2024.

Printed copies are available on the information table at the back of our sanctuary. Printed copies are also accessible on the information table at the rear of our sanctuary.