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Our Current Message Series: “Exposing Fake Good News”

One of the challenges of living in a digital age is that we can easily be deceived by what we read, see, and hear online.  Deep-fake videos and click-bait news stories abound.  So-called “fact checkers” don’t always have all the facts, and they don’t always want us to have them, either.  When it comes to the most exciting and powerful news in the world, we confront a similar challenge.  For 2,000 years, the Christian faith has endured attempts to alter its most fundamental claims. The gospel, or good news of Jesus Christ, is sometimes twisted and presented in a deceptive manner.  So, how can we avoid being taken in by fake good news?  During August, we’ll be looking to God’s Word for answers to that question.  We invite you to join every Sunday at 9:30AM.
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