Our Mission: Worship, Grow, Serve & Multiply

About Us

Our Mission

Worship, Grow, Serve, Multiply

 Our Vision

To be a multicultural, multiplying, mission-oriented community that gives itself away in the power of the Spirit to reach 5,000 families for Christ.

 Three Key Vision Words:


We want to be a church that looks like the community we serve. We do not subscribe to the principle that only people that are alike should flock together in the church. While this is natural, God’s supernatural purpose is to bring all peoples, cultures and  races together in Christ. Christ is the one who takes down the barriers between people groups (Eph. 2:14.) It’s interesting to note that the first church where the believers were called “Christians” was in Antioch, which was also the first multicultural church.  (Acts 11:19-26, 13: 1-3)


This vision word does not describe a program or an effort so much as it does a mentality. We believe that God desires the church to grow not only by addition but also by multiplication. When a healthy couple marries and grows in love, they produce children who grow up to produce children after them. The principle of multiplication means that one couple can actually bring life to hundreds of people! The same is true in the church. We believe that disciples are born to reproduce disciples, leaders are to reproduce leaders, groups are to reproduce groups, and churches are to reproduce churches. It is only by passing on to others the new life Jesus has given us that we can see this vision of touching 5,000 families take place. (II Timothy 2:2)

Mission-oriented (or “missional”)

We believe that God is on a mission and that He is a barrier-crossing God of outreach. That’s why He sent Jesus. In a similar way, God has called us step out and join this mission to reach all people. That means that as a church we do not simply exist for ourselves, but rather our purpose is to reach people in Tulare, Visalia, and the ends of the earth. (See Acts 1:8) We want to be a church that raises up and sends out people to serve as missionaries, touching people for Jesus in their everyday life and work. (Matthew 28: 16-20)