Our Mission: Worship, Grow, Serve & Multiply

Flory Diaz-Mora

Being born and raised in Latin America has shaped my perspective and passion for embracing diversity and serving others. It is a privilege for me to be a part of God’s mission in the world through the multicultural and bilingual ministry of our Church.

I have been a staff member at Sunrise for over 18 years, where I find great joy in providing administrative and bookkeeping services, and supporting our staff and leadership so that our congregation can focus on their spiritual growth and engagement.

I am actively involved in our Spanish-speaking group. This community is not only a place where we share our faith, struggles, and victories but also where genuine friendships are nurtured. I believe that our Church provides an ideal platform for such meaningful connections and I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given and the experiences that have shaped me.

In addition to my involvement in the Church, I am blessed with a wonderful family. I am married to Martín Mora and have three amazing children, Matías, Camila, and Emma. They bring immense love, laughter, and fulfillment to my life.

Outside of my church and family, I enjoy nature very much. Living in the central valley has given me access to magnificent mountains and lakes, allowing me to connect with God, and experience His peace and renewal.

I give thanks to our Lord Jesus for bringing us to Tulare to be part of what He is doing in this community!